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RealStew has developed a communication Platform with members located in 183 countries (December 2014).

Joining RealStew is free and the most basic apps are also free to use.

RealStew has developed, and continues to develop, a library of online Applications that Members access, some of which through a monthly subscriptions that are very affordable in comparison with other applications elswhere. The apps that are subscribed to enhance the way they communicate, engage, interact and transact with their contacts, social groups, businesses and clients.

Members can publish a blog, can have a custom designed website, a full e-Commerce system, a Customer Relationship Management System, and an Online cloud based accounting system. There are many other services available, all linked to a base of subscribers who can be communicated with and or managed by the Member.
RealStew has cleverly integrated all the ways we connect to each other - chat, email, social media, user groups, websites and blogs - all on one internet platform housed in a single internet browser with a unique dashboard.

There’s no need to log in and out of different sites - all the tools you need to engage are on the one platform; everything you love about the web is in the one place. A built-in library of applications allows you to customize your hub. In essence, we supply the ultimate online canvas and you create a masterpiece according to your needs and desires.

New applications are coming on stream progressively throughout 2014 / 2015 as they are completed. Numerous apps are already completed and usable. Most of the apps are intergrated with each other to form a complete suite of functionallity. As they rely on each other for complete function, they cannot all be released together.

RealStew has the right Ethos of “Giving” and “Sharing” as it’s foundation. The letters of the RealStew name stands for:

   R = Ripple Effect
   E = Empowering
   A = Abundance
   L = Life Changing
   S = Sharing 
   T = Transparency
   E = Enery
  W = Wealth

Below is a list of functions and applications that are working now.

*Chat / email box (free)
*CRM (Basic contact book)is free but the enhansed CRM is a subscribed app.
*Customised Website (subscription)
*Blog / Interactive Newsletter (subscription)
*User Groups (free)
*Quick Chat (free)
*Multi Chat (free)
*Stewville ( shows where the money is coming from) (free)
*Mentoring(1st stage)

Applications coming up in the future

*HTML E-Mail server (all will have an e-mail address as per their URL name) A similar sort of e-mail system as Gmail.
(a subscribed app.)

*Vidoe Chat. Similar to Skype. (free)

*Financial Services (accounting package in stages) starting upgrade in August 2014 then progressively throughout 2015.

*Online shop ( early 2015)

*Credit and Debit Cards, E Pos, Point of Sale with terminal ( early 2015)

*Mobile app for all mobile services available on any mobile device. Mobile phones, Tablets  etc (a subscribed app.)

*Auction site (2015)

*Dating Site (2015)

*Online Booking (2015)

      To mention just a few. A lot more to come later.
How the Money Works
The way the Program works is as follows:

Stage One - Establish Links:

You are a linked member of RealStew, having been registered on the data base with a unique email address;

You became a linked member of RealStew after responding to a CHAT message you received from another Member or because you subscribed to a blog / became a Member of a User Group or was invoiced by a Service Provider using the Online RealStew’s accounting system from their mobile device etc….the point is you become associated with RealStew in a growing number of ways.

You in turn communicated and engaged with your contacts, friends and family by sharing a blog post on a Social Media Platform (facebook etc), or by inviting Contacts to join the User Group or just chatting ….With the planned release of the Real Mobile System.

You will also be communicating, as is common practice, with text to a Mobile number. Each of these engagements will present RealStew to new Contacts who then become linked and associated with RealStew through you for the first time as well.

As this natural flow of engagement / interaction / sharing occurs a hierarchy is created with a number of levels of separation between you and your attracted Contacts and they with their Contacts. This is seamlessly recorded on the RealStew. Platform and accredited to the introducing Member.

This process of interacting / engaging continues at a faster rate as more applications are added and additional reasons / processes of engagement are added. We track these links up to 6 degrees (levels) from you.

Stage Two - Making Money from the Links

As time moves on you will end up with huge numbers of ‘links’ to Members all over the world and in every country in the world. As these Members (links) start engaging and interacting on the platform, RealStew has the opportunity to present these Members with Applications (solutions) to solve problems or to offer them a more effective, and often less expensive, way to either manage their business or club organisation, find customers or club members, account for their transactions, save time etc.

On the other hand, a Personal User may use the Real Date application to meet a partner, as well as maintaining friend and family links, shopping, making payments etc. Increased traffic of Members subscribing to buy the constantly added new applications, results in an inflow of subscription fees which we will start sharing with you (and other Members) based on your "linked" relationship with these Members.

Assume that one of your ‘links’ within 6 degrees of separation from you is a Vet in Canada
who subscribes to use our enhanced CRM system at C$30-00 per month as he sees that it is a solution
that addresses his needs.

As we receive these funds we take 72% of the amount (72% x CAN$30-00 = CAN$21-60) and
divide this by 6 that is CAN$21-60 / 6 = CAN$3-60 and then give each Member 6 levels up from the Vet
an amount of CAN$3-60 each. As you are at level 5 you will receive C$3-60 and each month at
the same time and day the same amount as the subscription of C$30-00 is recurring each

In the example I have given above I have used a net amount of 72% that is divided between
In reality we take 90% of the subscription fee but 18% of this is ploughed back
into a mentor and system support program. The net effect is the 72%.

The Amount you can expect to receive. The C$3-60 in itself is not a significant amount. But what is significant is:The Vet is ONE Member of many thousands and eventually hundreds of thousands of ‘links’ to you;

We have an ever expanding range of Applications that these hundreds of thousands of links can subscribe to use but over time the library of Applications will be hundreds of thousands as well.

The share you receive each month repeats itself each month and you will find that the same Vet will start subscribing to other Applications and the amount you start receiving from the Vet will no longer just be 1/6th of 72% of C$30-00 but eventually 1/6th of 72% of say C$50-00 or C$100-00 each month.

...You did not have to buy anything to receive a share of the money.

...You did not have to sell anything to receive a share of the money.

...You started to receive a share of the money the Vet (and other Users) are paying us because you are linked up to 6 degrees of separation from the Vet and other Users who see the value in using our Applications because it solves their problems.

The money you receive continuously 24/7 while you are sleeping, working or socialising with your family and friends comes in ALL the currencies of the World.

What sets RealStew, as a Platform, apart from other Platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, which have huge numbers of Users who use their Applications and pay them for services is that we follow the same process in terms of how we make the money but we then share it with you, the Member.

What is also hugely significant is that the first time many Members will be even aware that they are able to share in the distributed funds is when the occasion arises where the funds are actually being distributed. Without even been aware of the sharing model the Member is in line to receive funds and by extrapolation did not have to consciously do anything in order to start participating in the sharing model.

It follows that without being aware of what they did in order to receive funds, the Member will then make a point of understanding why this occurred and we can expect a higher adoption of the RealStew Platform as a Platform of choice and as a result, links throughout the whole social graph of members will increase....
Background to RealStew